Third-Level Teaching

Off-Campus: A site-specific workshop with NYU students, with fellow teacher Bisi Adigun: Cooley Mountains 2007

I’m a fan of universities, as evidenced by my decision to return to one in 2008 (TCD) to complete an M.Phil in Creative Writing under the excellent guiding hands of Deirdre Madden, Paula Meehan, Tom Kilroy, Michael O’Loughlin and Jonathan Williams among others.  I also teach university from time to time.

In 2010 I  was appointed Creative Director of the pilot BA CONNECT 3 Applied Film, Writing and Performance programme which ran over two winter semesters in 2010 and 2011 at NUI Galway.  Bringing third-year students of the BA with Film Studies; BA with Creative Writing and BA with Theatre and Performance together, this was a practice-based programme in which the students trained and worked towards a large-scale multi-media production on campus.  The teaching team included choreographer, Cindy Cummings; film-maker Mick Ruane; writers Shane Perez and Christian O’Reilly; and voice teacher, Regan O’Brien.

Since 2006, I’ve also taught an annual masterclass with the New York University Steinhardt School of Education Study Abroad program in Dublin.  * This post-graduate residency brings students of drama and education to Ireland for an immersion in Community-Engaged and Applied Theatre.  As well as some lecturing, I lead a group of students each year in a practical masterclass entitled, Devising and Writing for Community-Engaged Theatre.

* Now runs on a biennial basis

If you would like to contact me regarding requests to teach, deliver once-off lectures or workshops, you can e-mail me at

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