Family Celebrations


In 2016, I qualified formally as  a Family Celebrant, following two years’ training with the Irish Institute of Civil Celebrants.  What has marrying people, naming infants or marking other personal milestones to do with being an artist, you may ask?  Well, a few things – like celebration, ritual, engaging community, linking to the ancient past, imagining the future, creativity, beauty, to name but a few ….

The Love Licence! I am trained and ready to make your big day truly beautiful!!!

Secular (non-Church) Marriage and Celebration

More and more Irish people have moved away from the traditional churches and their ceremonies.  And while much is still to be achieved to make for a truly fair and equal society, we have made great strides in recent years in the matter of choice in our personal and family lives. Same sex marriages, re-marrying, choosing not to marry but celebrate your union informally – whatever your personal choice, it has become possible to mark and celebrate your declaration of love publicly and privately in the ways of your choice.

As someone who has spent a lifetime facilitating community celebrations; campaigning in creative ways for a more equal society and believing in the value of love but not necessarily rigid convention – it was a logical step for me to want to assist people to marry ‘their way – on their day’.

In the recent past I have had the privilege to

  • officiate at the first wedding to be held at Newbridge House, Donabate in 250 years: Declan and Ruth, a literary couple who had met working for the same bookstore!
  • marry an Irish woman and an English man, Donna and Andrew, who met working on human rights missions in Africa, before a wonderful gathering of friends who had traveled specially from three continents to join them.
  • marry a beautiful couple from Arizona, Joshua and Jessica, at Tullamore Castle, near the groom’s ancestral homeplace – where there were no guests at all, just a loving couple, me and a photographer.  Talk about romance being alive and well!
  • celebrate the civil partnership of two terrific men, Ronan and Nick – just one week after the people’s  Yes vote to full Equal Marriage was carried. It was the first post-Referendum and one of the last such civil partnerships to be marked in Dublin (in Christchurch) – the event had been planned since before the referendum, and the couple hope in the course of time to marry again fully in the eyes of our improved law.

So – whatever your choice, do get in touch with me – check the contact page on this website for details.