Declan Gorman: Photo by PeterGorman / Burrenworks

Welcome to the website of Declan Gorman Arts & Events. 

I am a playwright, director, performer and public artist with a practice that has covered many aspects of the arts.  At the core is an unswerving belief in the power of live performance – the working towards it and the sharing of it – to change, entertain, question, and somehow to make the world around us a better and more exciting place.

This website contains information about current projects; selected archive materials; resources and a “News & Views” section which combines news with occasional reflections and personal essays, mainly but not exclusively about the arts.

LATEST NEWS 22/10/21

I am delighted to announce that my new solo show “Falling Through the Universe” will finally be seen by audiences this coming January 2022. It is a staging of James Joyce’s “The Dead”, framed in a personal memoir. The show will premiere at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin on January 6th – the feast day upon which Joyce’s classic story is set. It will then embark on a short East and Midlands tour through January that will extend from Monaghan to Dundalk to Wexford. More information here soon!!!!

Peek-a-boo! Rehearsing “Falling Through the Universe” – coming January 2022

“Falling Through the Universe” had 2 work-in-progress performances in 2018 (at Draíocht, Blanchardstown and Anaverna House) under an earlier title “Epiphany” *. Sections of it were also shown in development at the Ibsen Museum, Oslo and the Little Duke in Drogheda

but this is finally the completed work and my first time back on the live stage since before the pandemic!

* The title was changed to avoid confusion after Druid theatre premiered a play in 2019 by a different author under the same title.