Current Projects

The Current Theatre Projects page has info on two shows currently in rep, namely:

THE BIG FELLOW, by Declan Gorman, based on Frank O’Connor’s biography of Michael Collins (touring 2016-2018)     and     THE DUBLINERS DILEMMA, a one-man show adapted and performed by Declan Gorman, based on “Dubliners” by James Joyce

Other Arts Projects lists miscellaneous freelance work in 2016.  See “Archive” and past blogs for glimpses into other theatre and public art work of recent years.


2 thoughts on “Current Projects

  1. Four days hard labour it took to construct this website. The work was done by my good friend M.C. Deasy, a musicians and shaman from beyond Ardee. I owe him two banana smoothies for his efforts, which I will give him next time he cycles across Ardgillan Mountain to see me. DG

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