Infrastructure II: Fingal Trilogy

OCTOBER 2021: This page will soon be updated to give details of the outcome – The Green Belt / Momentum 2021:  For now, find out what happened by visiting  (opens in a new tab)

“Infrastructure” is a Public Art programme run by Fingal County Council. I was awarded a commission in 2018 under the Co-Productions strand to work over a 3 year period (2019-2021) with communities in the East Fingal (Skerries/Rush/Lusk) region, on a series of performances.

PHASE 1:  Rush & Lusk – “The Green Belt”

“The Green Belt” was launched as the first active project (July 2020).  A public meeting was held at The Millbank Theatre to invite people from the communities of Rush and Lusk to take part in a drama process which will examine changes in the local society and landscape over 50 years.  At present (January 2021) fifteen people are continuing active creative workshops and local history research via Zoom and other online platforms.  It is intended that an innovative theatre event will come from this, with members of Rush Dramatic Society and others presenting a drive-around performance at various outdoor locations in the area, from town streets and parks to fields and glasshouses to the beach!

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