Literary Extracts

Some days I just stare at the keys…

“I gave up a permanent pensionable job in Dublin Corporation in 1979 to write a novel.  By 2009, I had completed two pages.”    From my application to pursue a masters’ degree in Creative Writing at Trinity College

Having procrastinated for a couple of years… decades actually… I finally began writing almost by accident when devising and directing in the theatre.  Then in 2010 I stepped away from the theatre for a while, and, between lecturing and other  freelance arts activity, I began to write fiction from my North County Dublin home.  I am still (2012) mainly in the theatre, and this Literary Extracts section contains pages from the three plays that made up The Border Chronicles trilogy (1998 – 2008).

The “Short Fiction” section has the full text of Airport Roundabout, a story published  in Commotions, (OWC Press, Trinity College Dublin 2009), while the “Poetry” page has the text of a spoken word piece for the Flat Lake Festival a few years ago.

Enquiries about other texts or the novel in progress to

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