Typewriter: The Month’s Mind

A few friends (OK… two…) have asked if I might make available my performance piece entered for the Flat Lake slam exactly one month ago on the theme, “The Typewriter is Dead, Long Live the Typewriter”.  Ir seems the last factory in the world producing typewriters finally ceased production in May of this year, in India.  There were several terrific poems and performances on the theme.  The event was compered by the fabulous Gombeens of Galway (the new Marx Bothers) and judged by three children under the age of ten, with the top prize of seventeen million euro going to two charming children (unrelated to the judges) from North County Monaghan.  The victors were joined onstage for their acceptance speech by their four year old cousin whose rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was – for most people there – the highlight of a memorable festival.  In all, upwards of 197 poets performed in the slam, so I was very proud to come almost second (according to Jonathan and Migel of the Gombeens – the placings were never made public…).  My poem was inspired by the presence at the festival of the eminent author Anthony Cronin.  It is called, “Dead as Doornails” and you can read it (preferably aloud) here… 

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