Contact me for short-term services…

Do you run an organisation that needs some short-term creative advice, leadership or teaching input?

As well as pursuing my own writing and directing projects (to which this website is mainly dedicated) I run an occasional freelance ARTS-CONSULTANCY service, i.e. providing advices or leading hands-on projects for other artists, arts organisations, colleges or community groups.

I am currently (Spring 2012) taking on new projects of varying types and duration and am open to hearing of opportunities in the arts, educational and community sectors – preferably (though not exclusively) of a short-term or part-time nature.

Offering friendly advice...

This link DeclanGormanArtsServices will take you to a PDF document which suggests diverse areas where I may be able to contribute to organisations’ and individuals’ needs. I am open to any adventure, large or minute, and looking forward in these coming months to combining my own creative work with assisting others in theirs.

Meantime, if you are a new visitor, I hope you have an  opportunity to browse through the website generally, set up last Spring and recently updated.  Click here to go to the home page.

Declan G.

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